Why does Apple’s true tone technology drain battery?

Why does Apple's true tone technology drain battery

Apple has a technology called true tone, you might wonder what type of technology is this and what does it do? Apple’s true tone appeared firstly on the iPad pro-2016 since then Apple has embraced this technology on their new devices such as iPhone 8 upward and even some apple laptops.

What is Apple’s true tone?

This technology is a sensor that measures the ambient color and brightness and then uses the information from the measurement to automatically adjust its display, so it can correct white points and illumination based on your environmental lighting to render the right kinds of white under any conditions.

Though this technology isn’t new since it has been used in some desktop monitors, Apple is not the first company to pull out this technology.

Why does Apple’s true tone technology drain battery?

Some iPhone users feel like Apple’s true tone technology drains their battery, every technology on the iPhone uses some amount of power to function including sensors but for the true tone technology, it doesn’t drain so much, true tone uses a micro amount of the power, which can be turned off, and still, you won’t notice any difference.

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Apple’s true tone technology doesn’t drain your battery, Apple’s true tone sets your device’s brightness and color automatically, and it will always balance it with the environment.

Imagine using your phone in a dark area and your phone brightness is much, it will hurt your eye, but with Apple’s true tone, your device automatically reduces the device brightness and balance the display color so it won’t hurt your eye.

Apple’s true tone can be turned off and turned on and if you want to do that follow up with this step.

Apple’s true technology can also be found on mac devices and by default, it’s turned on, for any reason you want to turn off Apple’s true tone.

How to turn on or turn off Apple’s true tone technology

On iPhone and iPad: Open Settings > Display & Brightness > Toggle True Tone on or off.

On Mac: Choose Apple menu in the top left corner > System Preferences > Displays > Click the Display tab > Tick or untick True Tone.

Why do you want to turn off the Apple true tone? Sometimes it’s annoying especially when you want things to stay static and not be changing while you’re looking at them.

For some reason, you don’t want the Apple true tone but you want to make use of the night shift even though you don’t know how it functions.

What is the Night shift and how does it work?

Night Shift was a feature Apple introduced in iOS 9.3. It uses the iPad or iPhone’s clock and geolocation to automatically adjust the colors in the display to the warmer end of the spectrum after dark.

The idea is to reduce exposure to blue light, which stimulates the brain and can keep you awake, leading to a bad night’s sleep

Just like the way it sounds, Nightshift works in a very different way on the display but this time you have to schedule a time, and that is where the word shift comes to play. See how it work.

So you set the shift to 6’oclock, once the timer hits 6’oclock, there’s this warm display that comes up, just like true tone but this time it changes your screen color to orange and this display is good for reading.

The display remains like that till the next morning before it disappears. One thing I love about the night shift is that it draws you closer to bedtime.

On iPhone: Open Settings > Display & Brightness > Night Shift. 

On Mac: Choose the Apple menu in the top left corner > System Preferences > Displays > Click the Night Shift tab.

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