What to do if your trust wallet is hacked?

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What to do in worst-case scenarios like this? What to do if your trust wallet is hacked? It’s frustrating, so when that happens you need to act fast and secure back your wallet. Hackers are targeting big crypto traders every day and once a person falls victim, that’s it, it’s irreversible once a transaction is been made.

This guide is not teaching how you can hack another user’s account rather we will put you through the measures of securing your account back and making sure you don’t get hacked.

It very well might be so unimaginable for a typical programmer to get into a trust wallet information base, yet it is 80% feasible for a programmer to get to your cell phone or PC and do some wizardry.

The chances of you recovering your cryptocurrency are, therefore, close to zero if your wallet is hacked. What’s more, if you suspect your wallet has been compromised, you need to act as quickly as possible to safeguard your funds.

How do you know you have been hacked?

Hackers prowl the internet looking for every possible vulnerability to get a victim down, even though the technology is advancing to a better standard where it seems so impossible to hack a crypto wallet, hackers make use of social engineering techniques known as Phishing scams, a hacker uses a different medium to get your credential.

If you notice unusual transaction which you are responsible for then you’ve been hacked!

Don’t share your login detail or security phrases with your best friend no matter what.

Setting up notifications for transactions coming into or moving out of your wallet can help you catch nefarious transactions quickly.

What to do if your trust wallet is hacked?

Firstly, you need to be sure that your account has been compromised then you need to act fast.

If your funds are not been cleared up, to be on a safer side create a new wallet account and transfer all your funds there.

You can also change your login details and make sure you activate 2FA authentication, by so doing whenever the hacker tries to log in he will be requested to provide a pin before accessing your account.

If all your funds have been moved, am sorry, it’s impossible to trace it back.

If you notice any suspicious transactions or charges on your bank card or bank account (if they are in any way attached to your crypto wallet), call your bank immediately and inform them of the unauthorized transactions. Also, have them cancel your cards if they were linked to your crypto wallet.

How to reduce the chance of getting hacked

So you just created an account and you have so many funds on it, and being scared of how hackers put people into miseries, you want to put an end to that and secure your wallet.

  • Ensure you don’t store your crypto on an exchange. Exchanges should only be used to temporarily store your crypto when you are buying or selling them.
  • Store your funds in a non-custodial wallet like Trust Wallet. Trust Wallet is a multi-asset crypto wallet that supports more than 40 blockchain networks and allows you to store 160,000+ digital assets.
  • Store your recovery phrase in a secure location offline, and don’t share it with anyone.
  • Use two-factor authentication where possible. Two-factor authentication can provide an extra layer of security to crypto service providers, exchanges, and wallets.
  • Store large amounts of crypto in a cold wallet. Cold wallets help you keep your cryptocurrency offline, which reduces the chances of hackers accessing and stealing your funds.

To prevent losing your crypto to hackers, use a secure wallet like Trust Wallet, back up your wallet recovery phrase, and stick to cybersecurity best practices to make sure your funds stay safe.

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