How to view a picture in WhatsApp without opening the chat

view a picture in WhatsApp without opening the chat

Do you want to know how to view a picture in WhatsApp without opening the chat? then this article is for you. Most time you just want to go off for some time on WhatsApp and live a normal life but it is still not easy because you might want to contact your business partners, colleagues at work, but you still don’t want to answer any other person to avoid long discussion especially when you have a plan for that day.

Do you know you can still view people’s messages on WhatsApp without notifying, that you’ve already viewed them? your purpose is known to you, you probably don’t want to hear from the person anymore due to his/her disturbance, muting the user is not the best option.

Before the end of this article, you will learn how to view a picture on WhatsApp without opening the chat, we will move real quick to steps.

You will also learn how to view someone’s status on WhatsApp without the person notifying you, I call it “ghost viewer“, it makes a lot of sense and makes people feel like you have ceased coming online for some time, and it keeps you incognito for as much as you want.

How to view a picture in WhatsApp without opening the chat on iphone

We will look at the first step below:

  1. Make sure you are out of the current user’s chat
  2. Press and hold on a particular chat and click on more option after that click on export chat option
  3. Next, save to Files, make sure you can remember the folder you saved the file.
  4. Go into that folder, there you will find the picture you are looking for.

To me, it seems like step is stressful, but if you find it satisfying then you can use it, it works both on Andriod and iPhone. On your android, you have to figure out the export chart option inside the chat at the top-right corner.

The Next step is the one I make use of, though it has one limitation which most people (especially the girls) may not like, but you can use the option and switch back quickly.

How to disable read receipts on your whatsapp

Maybe you’ve probably come across something like this when you are trying to figure out something else on your account but you overlooked it.

If you don’t want your crush, friends, or anyone to notice that you were viewing their status, or you don’t want a user to get notified whenever you read their messages.

Then I think it’s time to use the read receipt option on Whatsapp, the little guide below will show you how to do it, it is not complex at all.


  1. Go to your settings where you have your Account, chats, notification and storage and data.
  2. Click on Account, there you have Privacy, security, etc..
  3. Click on privacy, here you can set Last seen, profile photo, About, status and Read receipts
  4. Below, you will see the Read receipt option toggle it off and you can start viewing those chats and status.

The disadvantage I talked about earlier is not something big, it just that whenever you turn off read receipts and upload something on your status, you will be unable to know how many users has viewed it

To avoid this, make sure you turn it on the back unless you don’t feel concerned about how many users viewed your status also I think there’s one more thing that can also help.

Do you know?: Turning on your airplane mode befiore reading a user’s message can avoid blue ticks on the other user’s end.

You can also make use of mobile apps like unseen, `Blue tick, last seen hider apps`, we will guide you on how to get the app from the play store.

How to use apps to avoid other users from getting notified on whatsapp

There is so many application out there that serve the same purpose and in this article, I will recommend one of the best ones and popular ones. Without wasting much of your time let’s head over to the play store, this application may be available on the apple store too.

How to install UNSEEN app

  1. Go to google playstore, search for unseen app.
  2. Download the application and start installing it.
  3. After installation, Go to Apps on your mobile phone or check or the installed appliction
  4. open the application for setup. Note theat this app is not tampering with your privacy that was why i recommended it.
  5. Give notification access when you get prompt and that’s all

The unseen app gets all the messages from your contacts on WhatsApp and you can check the unseen app to read those messages without the blue ticks.

Do you know? you can also avoid blue ticks by reading messages through the notification bar

Wrapping things up

There are other apps similar to this, Their installations are just not complex at all, all you need is to grant access and relax while the app does it work.2

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If you want to view your friend’s WhatsApp message without their consent let’s know in the comment section below.

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