Someone made ubuntu look just like windows 11

ubuntu look just like windows

Do you know ubuntu look just like windows? someone made it so, Linux has been a wide and very popular operating system, ubuntu being one of the Linux distros has many users due to its usability.

Are you a Linux user? well, I have been using Linux operating system(kali) for 5 years and I have enjoyed using it, and as much as I can say about this operating system, I am not after the UI but it has a great secured system where everything is just flexible.

Well, not after seeing Microsoft’s newest Windows 11 operating system which still fascinates me very much, most people say they don’t like it, but I am not comparing it with Linux tho, but to me, it has this nice and fresh design and flexibility too, in terms of playing mobile games and doing other fantastic kinds of stuff on it.

Do you like the look of Microsoft’s newest Windows 11 operating system and you still want a Linux kernel-based OS? well, for all 12 of you out there, the Brazillian Linux distribution LinuxFX version 11 might be for you. The distribution is all Linux under the hood, but one thing is that the UI looks a lot impressively to what you’ll see on Windows 11.

Brazillian Linux distribution based on Ubuntu

Linuxfx is a Brazilian Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. It ships with an intuitive Cinnamon desktop user interface designed to facilitate the migration of users from Windows.

LinuxFX is a Linux distribution based on KDE Plasma, which itself is based on Ubuntu Core, with KDE desktop environment (DE) placed on top of it. This specific KDE DE uses the WX Desktop theme, Which has a heavy modification that makes it look a lot like window 11, as you might expect, is the version that apes Windows 11. Previous versions have instead aimed to copy Windows 10.

The LinuxFX animation and user interface just like Windows 11

This new update to the WX Desktop THEME uses a set of icons and some nice animations like the centered taskbar and many other features and elements that the window 11 user interface possesses, which are customizable. This is, of course, the main promoting point of the LinuxFX distro.

With this great exact looks and feels of Microsoft’s latest operating system which allows users to have the same look of this UI, it still has your favorite Linux features still available. one more thing, it uses the strong base that Ubuntu 21.04 “Hirsute Hippo” offers.

ubuntu look just like windows 11

Though the new LinuxFX 11 distro just focuses on the UI and doesn’t stray much from the software core that’s used in other Ubuntu-based distributions. it uses the same kernel as ubuntu 21.04, and the same package manager, then giving it a very wide range of pre-compiled software ready to be installed in a few simple commands. But if you want to preview what Windows 11 might feel like before diving into Microsoft’s OS properly, it’s a smart solution.

This OS has ISO images that support both x86 and Arm architectures, meaning instantaneous compatibility for a wide range of computers. For Raspberry Pi support, version 11 is still not there, as the only version available for Pi is 10.8.4. An updated version 11 for Raspberry Pi devices is expected to follow soon, so Raspberry Pi Linux tinkers can celebrate. Learn more about LinuxFX version 11 here.

Wrapping things up

Do you think you need some cool looks now? oh, if I may guess what should be on your mind, do I need to check this out? well if it fascinates you and you really like the Windows 11 operating system looks and still want your Linux operating system running behind the hood of everything, then I think it is time to on some costume.

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