Why does the Twitter app drain iPhone’s battery so quickly?

Twitter app drain iPhone's battery

Not just the Twitter app, there are so many other applications on your phone that can drain your battery, and in today’s article, you’ll know more about these apps including Twitter, and why they drain your iPhone battery. you’ll also learn some helpful tips to control these apps from draining your battery.

What are things that drain your battery? Most of the common things that drain our batteries are personal usage. Also, you should know your battery health and capacity.

Normally, when your mobile data is turned on, your phone consumes more power. If you are making use of any application that needs data connection before usage, then your phone should consume more battery energy.

Let’s Break it down with some examples.

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Why does the Twitter app drain iPhone’s battery so quickly?

When your data is not on your mobile phone consumes less power depending on what you are doing then. When your data is turned on, there is an application that runs in the background ex. WhatsApp, Facebook. other applications also run behind the screen, and you’ll notice a change in the way your phone battery is reduced.

When you’re making use of Twitter, things are going on that you’re probably not aware of since your Twitter app is making request polls, fetching and loading static images, video, content, and notification, all these kinds of stuff happening in real-time just to give you the best experience.

All this stuff won’t take place if you don’t have a data connection on your device. Twitter also runs in the background as it sends you notifications and other necessary stuff to keep it going.

Do you know that the more load your phone carries, the more power it consumes, which means if you’re using Twitter plus other additional applications then you should experience much battery consumption

Meanwhile, let’s talk about other apps that also drain more battery during usage.

  1. Facebook
  2. Google Chrome
  3. Instagram
  4. Twitter
  5. Google Maps
  6. Skype
  7. Youtube

Depending on the usage and time spent on a particular application, there are things you can do to manage the situation. we all know that no matter what, your iPhone was built to consume battery during usage, but sometimes some applications on our phone are responsible for draining the battery rather than the normal way.

So imagine, if all the application on your phone is not being controlled, every app on your phone are pulling notifications and making unaware updates which you probably don’t want.

You should learn to manage the way your mobile phone drains your battery. I will list out a few ways you can restrict your phone from draining the battery.

How to Check Your iPhone’s Battery Usage

Make sure you keep an eye on how your iPhone consumes battery, with that you can control battery drainage.

This is how you check your iPhone’s battery usage:

  1. Open the Settings app and tap Battery.
  2. Swipe up to reveal your list of battery usage by app.
  3. You’ll see the apps you use and information about how much battery each is using, plus how much time the app spends running in the background.
  4. Tap on an app to see how much on-screen time and how many minutes of background time each app uses

How to Turn Off Background App Refresh

Just like what we talked about before, many application runs in the background and for good reason, you want to stop, the iPhone simply has a simple method to get rid of background app refresh.

  1. Open the Settings app and tap General
  2. Tap Background App Refresh.
  3. Tap Background App Refresh again in the menu that appears.
  4. Select Off.

Apart from all this, your phone battery might be having issues and you probably don’t know when your battery health is in bad condition.

So we made an article separately on that chack this article, and learn how to protect and manage your battery health.

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