Should I let my iPhone battery die before recharging it?

Should I let my iPhone battery die before recharging it

No, the answer is Absolutely No and I will tell you why. In this article, you’ll learn why it’s not a good idea for you to let your iPhone battery die before recharging it.

Though some people believe that when their phone battery runs down, it helps the device last longer as well as calibrating the battery level accuracy, that old myth is actually not true, if you continue with that you’d end up wasting your battery life cycle.

iPhone batteries use lithium-ion technology which is so far the best fast charging, long-lasting batteries but they get stressed when they run low and so doing that often will shorten its life. I generally don’t run mine down below 20% and I will tell you my reasons.

So last two years, I got an iPhone 7 and I was working outside my house where I find it hard to charge my device and I am always busy with my phone, so I had less time to charge, that time, I could barely remember when last it charged up to 100%.

I wasted the life cycle, it was always running down, I’m always online, making calls and doing random stuff. I could remember how sweet the phone was when I got it new, I charged up to 100% percent and it gives me a whole day before it runs down.

I notice after about 2-3months that the battery performance went down so much I had to buy a power bank.

All that happened because I was stressing the phone and also making sure the battery runs down to 3-0% before recharging it again.

There are things I have noticed about the iPhone battery health and how you can manage the performance and most of them I will be sharing with you today.

Apple has limited the battery’s maximum and minimum charge so that these extremes have a relatively insignificant impact on the battery, but it’s still silly to do on purpose. It just wastes extra charge cycles unnecessarily.

You’re probably doing something wrong whenever you charge the phone, most people want their phone to charge up to 100% before unplugging it while others want it below 5% before unplugging it.

To enjoy your new iPhone battery see what to do:

First, make sure you charge your iPhone with the right charger: If you want to enjoy your battery performance you should use the right iPhone charger and how do you know the better charger for your iPhone, go to an iPhone store and purchase an original charger for your device.

Don’t charge your device with low current or unstable current: It may damage your charger or even the battery causing it to lose its performance. Don’t use any kind of power bank for your device.

Don’t overcharge your device: Once your battery is up to 80-99%, remove it from the plug, if you overcharge your battery unnecessarily, you may end up destroying your battery life cycle.

Don’t overuse your device while working with it: Most people enjoy using their phone while charging it, it not bad at all, but once you’ve overuse it you should notice slight hotness at the back of the phone, and show a sign that you are stressing the phone and also charging it.

Have you ever turned on your mobile hotspot for your friends or another of your device, while charging it, your device will be hot and that shows that the device battery is being stressed?

Don’t run it down if you can help it. If you’re storing it, store it between 20% and 80%. For the best improvements to battery health, never charge it while hot.

Lastly, make sure your battery doesn’t run down so much often and on: if you keep allowing your device to run down all the time that might affect the battery performance.

Should I let my phone die occasionally?

Not frequently. Once every few months you could run it down until the iPhone shuts off and then charge it up without any interruption which calibrates the battery level accuracy, which generally isn’t going to be off by much. It doesn’t do anything beneficial for the battery itself.

Lithium batteries get stressed more when they are run low and so doing that often will shorten their life. I generally don’t run mine down below 20%.

What if you’ve been doing it all wrong? The best thing is for you to check how much can your battery serve you, are you enjoying the service, if you are not then you really need to get a new replacement.

Once you finally replace your battery make sure you follow the system to keep a very good battery performance level.

What is the best percentage for an iPhone before recharging ?

Before you charge your device, make sure you have used 80% of it, the only time you want to recharge it even if it’s still above 50% should be occasional, maybe you are going for a trip or something and you don’t want to go with your charger or you’ll be sitting in the bus or train for hours.

Make sure your device is not below 15-20% before the charger and while charging make sure you unplug your device once it’s 95-99%.

Should I let my iPhone battery die before recharging it?

No, it will be better to charge your battery before it hits low battery, and once your iPhone notifies you of low battery, stop any usage that will stress the device.

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So in conclusion, your iPhone battery should not run down so badly before recharging it, and another one that’s so much important and was not mentioned above is that, once your iPhone is dead and has not been charged for days and it keeps occurring then you’re about to lose your iPhone battery performance.

Do not overcharge your device, Don’t overuse your device while charging it.

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