How to secure your Facebook account from hackers 2022

secure your Facebook account from hackers

Do you want to secure your Facebook account from hackers? if so, there are some things you need to understand first. it’s really difficult to recover your account once the hacker changes some personal security details including your password.

Facebook has over 1billion users and every day people still keep creating an account, forgetting a password, logging into a fake Facebook site!! yes, fake Facebook site, Hacker uses the hacking technique call phishing scam, when a hacker targets their victims, they send a link pretending to be something that will fascinate you and then you’ll fall for it and then click on the link which will redirect yours to a well-cloned Facebook login page. Then you will be requested to sign in with your Facebook credentials, once you provide your credential, the page will fail and redirect you to somewhere else.

During the process when you clicked the log in button, your details were being registered into the hacker’s database.

You can secure your Facebook account in different ways, I will be listing out the few ways you can do that.

How to secure your Facebook account from hackers

  1. Change security password: Someone close to you might be the one spying into your privacy, if you are suspecting anyone then i think it’s tiome you cange you phone security password. Make sure while creating a password, make sure your password suggesting is difficult to guess.
  2. Log out from your accout before giving out your phone: Some may ask while, i barely leave my phone with strangers, especially my collegues. these are the reasons, do you know a hacker can change your cridentials on facebook? espoecially editing your number and add his or her own as primary number. Once they achieve that, they do a forget password from their on their own device, and then when facebooks sends an OTP for owner confirmation and verification, the OTP comes to the hackers mobile phone.
  3. Avoid the Links you click: We talked about the phising scam, if your are the type that falls for anylink all in the name of making cool cash online, then you can easily fall victim. A hacker knows how must you love visiting netflix to watch movie, so he cloned netflix login page, with the fake URl, you never know what heroku means right? so you got this message in a whatsapp group you are added to, Enjoy a free netflix subscribtion from 2month, just by atttempting a survey online, that’s actually really tempting, and so you clicked the link, with all good hope that you’ve find something intresting so answred and scored 8marks out of 10. during this part you will be requested to log into your original netflix account, with all anxity you provided you credential, and then you were taking back to landing page. the hacker goes back and sees your original credential, he then log into your account and change password and other informations.
  4. Change your facebook password once you notice something wrong: Some attackers are not really a computer hacker that write codes, they just know their way around the web, they may delay before changing any more personal information. the only information to cahnge can be your password. Since you’re the owner of the accout, rush immediately and click on forget password, make sure while changing your password, suggest a difficult password to guess.
  5. Use a 2FA security method: Facebook provides you with a 2-factor authentication, once an unrecognize device or browser tries to attempt login into your accout, Facebook will ask for your password and a verification code. Two factor authentication is a good security method, if you want to engage with it, then, click on Security >> Password and Security >> Use two-factor authentication.
  6. Enable Account Login Notifications: One of the best way to get alerted anytime someone tries to log into your account, facebook sends a notification as email or SMS, this notification will be useful when you are not the one tryimg to make an attempt. Once you see such notification, try changing your password.

How to recover your Facebook account from hackers

If you have lost your Facebook account and you can’t remember your password, you should make sure you forget the password and if forget password is not working then your account has been permanently changed.

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