How do I recover my previous chats from WhatsApp after reporting and blocking someone?

recover my previous chats from WhatsApp

WhatsApp has been a fantastic and useful app for sending messages to our friends, co-worker, and even loved ones. Since WhatsApp was launched fast-forwarding to this very moment, there has been a lot of changes in this app.

WhatsApp has grown from just sending messages, sharing location, viewing status to making payments and scheduling disappearing messages. which makes the app so awesome With so many features that can aid users to get the best experience from it.

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WhatsApp has gained more and many users on it including your friends and family, lovers and enemies. Meeting on WhatsApp is so simple and intriguing, WhatsApp came up with so many features that can help conversation make sense.

As humans, we have feelings, WhatsApp messaging app made it easier to interact with the users, drawing technology a little closer. Now, we can send emojis, based on how we feel toward something, we can hide our status from being viewed by everyone on our contact list, we can also avoid blue ticks by turning off read recipient, we can do more but the interesting thing on which we discuss today is about reporting and blocking a user.

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Why do we report and block someone? Well, that should be your answer. As human beings technology has added so much positivity and changes to the way we think and interact, 40-60% of the human conversation is being done online, so we have much energy and feelings to give out when we converse.

Adding your real feeling to someone virtually is not bad, but we avoid doing the ones we regret later. When we get angry with someone on Whatsapp, we want to act. it happens most time when we get into arguments with our spouse, friends in college, Stanger, or even our family members. We decide, “Oh I don’t want conversation from this person anymore”, “I really want to break up with the relationship”, we just go ahead and put some move to that by deleting their contact from our phones and blocking them on WhatsApp.

Here the problem comes in, it wasn’t your intention to delete the 4month messages, maybe you just want to do a normal block but you are so nervous and angry that you forgot to read the prompt message before confirming. So now the whole message was all deleted and our mission was accomplished.

What happens when I accidentally press report and block on WhatsApp

Since we have reported the user and also blocked this contact, see what happens.

  1. First, the entire message and their number removed from chats, including vital information will be wiped off except videos and picture which are already stored in your device.
  2. The blocked user can no longer send or recieve messages from you.
  3. You can’t view their status, they also can’t view yours.
  4. Both users can’t engage in awhatsapp call.
  5. The whole thing get limited to the ground.

To some users, it never happened intentionally but along the way, they want to go back to the previous chat with that person.

How do I recover my previous chats from WhatsApp after blocking and reporting someone?

Recovering what was deleted is very hard, you only need to access the WhatsApp database, that’s if they have a way of storing trashed messages or they have a feature for that in WhatsApp which I think that feature has not been introduced yet.

It will be so impossible to recover back your messages especially when the reported user has cleared up their own too. If there’s any way to do that, WhatsApp never disclosed it.

if it seems too important and your need it so much especially when the reported user is a total stranger(unknown number) then you need to seek for third-party, where you will pay a little token for that to be done.

Meanwhile, if you can still sort out things with the user then you can get back the messages, only if the user didn’t clear it up.

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