How to Read Facebook Messages Without Seen Appearing

Read Facebook Messages Without Seen Appearing

Just like WhatsApp, you can turn off read recipient, when a person sends messages to you on WhatsApp, the sender doesn’t get any sign if the message has been seen by you or not, the sender just believes that you are not online and with that, you can ignore as many messages as possible.

In this post, I will be showing you how you can read Facebook messages without seen appearing, and how do we do that, first we need to understand the status response facebook gives to the sender.

let me walk you down through this whole status indication, you might not notice the first and second ones, because they sometimes happen so fast.

Facebook Message Status Icons

The first one with the empty circle means that your message is still sending, this happens when you are sending a video or image, or your data connection is turned off.

The second one with the empty circle and checked icon displays that the message you sent is ok and waiting to be delivered, this happens too fast then the third one comes up.

The third one says your message has been delivered to the other end now the receiver can read your message but haven’t, the receiver is either offline or hasn’t seen it.

The last status is the one every user is familiar with, this means the message you sent has been seen.

With these four status responses, it is easy for you to identify when your message is sent when it’s delivered, and when the receiver receives it.

The Facebook messenger did not provide any way to turn off read RECIPIENT, but there’s a workaround that you can use.

How to Read Facebook Messages Without Seen Appearing

1. Turn on Airplane mode:

Turning on airplane mode can do the trick, before you open your messenger, once you get notified that there’s a message, turn on Airplane mode, and read the message, after finish reading, close your Facebook and turn off the airplane mode, this way the sender doesn’t know if your message has been seen.

Note, the trick behind this is that the “Message seen” indicator will not show up until you start, once you type even when you’re on airplane mode the sender gets a different status and that you don’t want to do.

This works on both android and iOS devices.

2. Read Message notifications

You can read the message notification, once a message is sent to you, you can read the message without opening your Facebook messenger.

The notification shows the sender’s name and part of the message, you can get an idea of what the sender is trying to say. In this way, the sender doesn’t get a “message sent” indication except you tap the notification or swipe the notification to clear.

3. Use to view message

You’ll need to open your account on your mac or windows, once you open Facebook login and you’ll be able to see a small pop-up window by the right-bottom side of the screen, you can read messages from there.

Opening the message window will cause the sender to get a ‘message seen’ indicator that you don’t want to do.

Note: While you can still prevent Seen Message from appearing on user’s end you can’t prevent Last time seen from appearing.


We might have other ways to prevent the sender from getting messages seen indications, but I think these few ones above work better.

I know this article was helpful, check out more interesting and helpful articles like this, and make sure you share some knowledge with friends and family.

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