How to change the color of message bubbles on Samsung Galaxy S8

message bubbles on Samsung Galaxy S8

How to change the color of message bubbles on Samsung Galaxy S8? Everybody appreciates utilizing WhatsApp, messenger, and some other awesome messaging applications, Do you know why? since this messaging application (WhatsApp) has exciting features, for example, video calling, voice recording, sending video, and audio clips, and more.

There are additional intriguing things on these social media messaging applications that make it fascinating, my question could be why do we actually fall back to utilizing the old format of sending messages when we have Whatsapp or should I say why do Samsung still Introduce SMS messaging application to their new phones, does it really worth it? when we have many fantastic third-party messaging apps?

However in this article, we are not contrasting social media messaging application against the typical SMS application, the SMS application assumes a ton of parts more than our Whatsapp and messenger, indeed, when we make banking exchanges, our Alerts, OTP (one-time-password) are not sent into our Whatsapp or Facebook messenger, they all come in through the SMS.

Some moderately aged and elderly folks individuals all throughout the planet utilize non-Andriod telephones, and these telephones don’t do WhatsApp, and despite the fact that they may do, the utilization is truly poor, slow, and irritating from what we see on our advanced android telephones, you either need to call these individuals or send an SMS to them.

since we can’t leave the old form of sending messages, then, at that point, we should figure out how we can make it look somewhat more adjustable.

I ought to have said this before, Do you realize SMS is truly still solid and quicker as far as getting their beneficiary informed on the schedule. On occasions when you don’t have mobile data on your telephone or your messaging application isn’t working, you can truly depend on SMS.

How to change the color of message bubbles on Samsung galaxy S8

Samsung worked effectively in rolling out this amazing improvement on the android operating system, It’s really simple since you got your cell phone with you there, simply follow the straightforward procedures below.

  • Turn on the app » Message  From your smartphone.
  • Go to the page mainly where you will find your discussion threads.
  • Click on the three small dots at the top right of the screen.
  • Then enter the section ” general settings ” page (in French).
  • Click on the section » Displays and Signage ” page (in French).
  • You can now change the bubble style and change the color of the messages on your Samsung Galaxy S8.

can’t change the color of the message bubbles on Samsung galaxy S8

On the off chance that you have followed the strategies effectively, or you actually have issues changing the message color, I incredibly recommend you to check a youtube video, where you can essentially do it. in case you can’t see these settings, I believe it’s because of your android version, which may have been some unacceptable one or your software overlay doesn’t give you admittance to these settings.

Download application to change the color of the message bubbles on Samsung galaxy S8

if you are not happy with the accessible personalization settings or can’t get to them, learn how to change the colors of text messages on the Samsung Galaxy S8 with a specific app. there are various application that can personalize you SMS conversation efficiently, but we have selected one which we find very simple and nice to use.

Visit the play store and make sure your install the Textra SMS application developed by Delicious, and which aims to let you fully customize all your SMS conversations.

Wrapping things up

In today’s article, you have learned how to change text bubble color on Galaxy S8. I know you may be having some related issues check out our read more in the article for more information. however, if you have comments related to this article make sure we know about it

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