How long can your iPhone last on a 1% battery?

iPhone last on a 1% battery

Most iPhone users are always upset about the way their battery drains and they don’t know why. Today’s article is more of a discussion and experiment.

Other new users will be like “How long can your iPhone last on 1%?”. Read on as I tell you why it isn’t good to drain your battery to 1%.

Well, your iPhone is not meant to last for 6hrs on 1%, just like every percentage, when your phone hits 1% it holds up at least 1h, sometimes it gets to 1% and shuts down. depending on what you’re doing with it and your phone calibration.

Before this article, I tested an iPhone 11 pro max on 1%. I will be sharing my observation with you. I also tried the same observation on my old iPhone 7. Both of them has different life-cycle and battery health percentage.

The iPhone pro max was still a new phone though, with a healthy percentage of 100, and for my other old phone I have been using for 2yrs now it has a battery health percentage of 57 and charge time of 1345.

Before I proceed with the test result I want to mark out something here. if you stress your iPhone battery even when the percentage hits one, you are putting your battery health at risk causing it to reduce health percentage and also increase charge time.

Do you know your battery health percent can stay 100% up to 6month and even almost a year without reducing? well, it is up to you.

I know how interesting it is to be a deep conversation or play a video game almost forgetting that your battery is very low and you’re probably not the kind of person that goes out with your charger. It’s fine, your battery is meant to hit 1% but not all the time repeatably.

if you keep stressing the health of your battery, soon you’ll start getting frustrated with the way your phone drains battery always and you can’t help it, rather, go for a replacement.

. . .

So how do you maintain the health of your battery? this article was meant to go straight to the point of things but I will just give you some tips to follow, if you’re interested in maintaining your iPhone battery health, I will be dropping a link to the other article where I explained everything.

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How to maintain iPhone battery heath percentage

If you don’t want your iPhone battery to be so frustrating after 1yr of usage, take the guide and make sure you practice them.

  1. Make sure you don’t charge your iphone every moment, it will affect your battery also making the charge time grow fast.
  2. Make sure your phone battery doesn’t drains off always.
  3. Use a better voltage and specific charger for charging your iphone battery.
  4. Don’t stress your iPhone battery too much while charging it.
  5. Once the back of your phone gets too hot make sure you reduce the usage. this mostly happens when every thing on your phone is active ex. your hotspot/wifi, your music, playing video game and also charging it at same time.
  6. Once your phone charge is completed, remove it and plugging it back should be below 15-20%
  7. Read more of this on here, you’ll learn more about your iphone health

Let’s proceed with the result I got and what I found about the iPhone battery and How long they can last on a 1% battery.

After a full charge of both phones, I started with my iPhone 7. Note, I carried out this test in several different ways. check out the table below.

Note: this result may not be steady, depending on if your phone calibrated the battery percentage, Sometimes it just hits 1% and goes off while other time it lasts longer

How long can your iPhone last on a 1% battery

TestsiPhone7 on 1%iPhone 11 pro-Max on 1%
Calls and messages only56mins1:32mins
Camera, calls, messages only41mins1hr
Wifi only and steady usage34mins50mins
Calls, data usage, music, camera, Minecraft, TikTok, and more13mins20mins

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Different phones, different experiences but this was my experience, I’d love you to give me your result in the comment section below, I can as well update the article for other readers too.

Well, hope you enjoyed the article, and also this is for test purposes only, your battery shouldn’t die every time, you will eventually eat up your battery health.

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