How to Retrieve Blocked Text Messages & WhatsApp on Android

How to Retrieve Blocked Text Messages

I know how hard it feels to ignore continuous messages from someone you don’t want to talk to, it gets so annoying until you throw their number into an archive or block the number as well. even though the person keeps sending you will not get notifications and also will not see these messages.

Depending on the case, it may not be that you are having issues with the person but you don’t want constant messages from that person or the number looks so strange and it keeps sending continuous messages so you decided to block it.

For any reason you want to start seeing the message or you want to see some previous messages sent by that person and you are not sure if that’s possible, in this article, I will share with you the one that worked for me.

The question is, can blocked messages be retrieved, yes, you can retrieve them.

Let’s jump into some helpful ways that can help you, most people don’t even know how to block someone on text messages.

How to Block Someone’s Text Messages on Android?

Generally, Android users get the option to block text messages along with calls that they don’t want. However, if you want to block someone on your phone then here is how to do that:

You should know this works for android 5.0 and above, follow the steps below:

  1. Open “Messaging”
  2. Then press the Menu option.
  3. After that, choose Blacklist and set it ON.
  4. Now choose “+” to add a number that you want tto block.
  5. You can also toggle “blocking incoming calls” or “block incoming messages” and then choose OK

You may not be satisfied with the feature your messaging app can offer, so you ask is there another way I can get incoming calls and messages blocked with more extra features.

Check out third-party apps from the google play store, this app is meant to be installed on your phone, there’re tons of them on the play store.

But there are huge demands on how to retrieve blocked text messages on Android/Samsung phones.

Can You See Blocked Messages Or Calls On Android?

Andriod users can block unknown numbers and contact by adding them to the blacklist. Blacklisting a user is best especially when a strange number keeps calling and texting you.

You can read the messages blocked on an Android phone either when the phone number is existing or a new one.  But this is not possible with iPhone users as they cannot see the blocked messages.

After blocking a user, you will not receive any call or text from the user you blocked, the only way you can start receiving messages from this person is by unblocking them from the blacklist.

Is it Possible to Retrieve Blocked Messages on Android?

Yes, it is possible!! Andriod phones allow users to check out blocked messages, and also you can unblock the user if you want to start getting notifications when the user sends a message.

However, this varies, it may not work the same way on every android but if you want to start getting the person’s messages make sure you unblock them. You may ask what if you’ve already deleted the person’s number can you still see their blocked text messages. Don’t worry you can still recover and read the deleted blocked messages on Android. For this, you need to check out the methods I have given in the next section.

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How To Retrieve Blocked Messages On Android?

This process varies, it may not work for your android as expected but try it out to check if your android phone can also do it.

Method 1: How To Restore Blocked Messages To Inbox Directly?

You can directly restore blocked text messages on Android to your inbox.

  • From the main screen, click on Call & Text Blocking > History > Text blocked history
  • Now click and hold blocked messagees you wish to restore
  • After that, click on the Menu icon on top and at last, click on Restore to Inbox

That’s it…

Best Third-Party Tools to Recover Report and Block WhatsApp messages

The Whatsapp app didn’t offer the feature to recover reported and blocked messages, but there’re third-party apps that can give you this service, even if you have to pay some little token for that. I will be sharing with you this wonderful software. you can check them out right away.

Following are some third-party tools that you can use to recover the messages you’ve lost on WhatsApp:

  • WAMR-Recover deleted messages and status download
  • Tenorshare
  • Dr. Fone
  • UltData
  • iSkysoft
  • DroidKit
  • Recuva
  • iMobie Phone Rescue

Before you pick an app that you want to use from the list, be careful to read its terms of service and policies to make sure it aligns with your needs without violating WhatsApp’s privacy policies. It will not only get your work done faster but will also protect your data.

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Using anyhow third-party can be risky make sure you read their policies before you give out your data to any company.

If you have problems with recovering your deleted messages make sure you comment below and we will be willing to give you a tip as related to today’s article.

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