How to reply unknown person on WhatsApp

How to reply unknown person on WhatsApp

How to reply unknown person on WhatsApp? Do you often get messages from different people on your WhatsApp? I know you don’t know how to get rid of it, just know that most of the people sending you messages on WhatsApp either know you somewhere, collected your number from a friend or a WhatsApp group, sometimes your reaction should positive towards this.

I will show you how you can approach things like this with the way you can reply to the unknown person and if you have a lot of these messages coming up every time I will show you how you can pull off your attention from it.

How do you respond to a hi stranger?

Some people will only send you hi without explaining themselves, sometimes I get messages like this a lot and the reason some people choose to send hi, is that they want to get your attention.

When you see such a message you don’t need to panic, if you don’t feel like getting into any conversation at the moment with an unknown person, you can check out the person’s profile picture to see if it’s someone you can recognize then I think you just need to send back a hi or an emoji showing a lively expression.

You don’t need to delete the person or block the person immediately except you know the person sending you the message and you don’t want the person messaging you all the time.

Another approach you can take is, if you are into any business and you get your traffic from social media, you should fully know that an unknown number will text you all the time. Your approach toward every unknown number should be fair and not harsh since you know that your number is public out there.

How do you respond to an unknown number?

When you get a message from someone you don’t know all, you need to do is read the message understand what the person is trying to say, if you just a Hi from an unknown person, it all depends on you if you’re answering since it’s not just for you to answer every unknown text message.

If you feel like answering the person, then just send back “hi, please may I know you”, depending on the person’s message, if the person is straightforward and send a message like “Hey, joe, I want to know if you’ll be home” I think the person knows you already and you should just ask “Hey, can I know who this is since the number is new to me”! you don’t reveal your whereabouts to a strange number, regardless of the fact they mentioned your name.

Sometimes we all know that girls get the most with unknown messages, y’all should know that it’s a normal thing and you can either reply to the person or simply send an emoji.

Note: if you advertise your product online be expecting unknown number on your DM, that means your product is bringing traffic to your doorstep, be happy to reply strange number

But we all know that sometimes not all strange numbers are texting you because they want to know more or purchase your product that’s why you need to have a business contact where people can DM you just for business.

How do you do that:

  • Visit play store download a business WhatsApp
  • use another number to verify your account, make sure you use your own number to avoid being logged out by another person in the future.
  • After verification, you can set your WhatsApp on auto reply, this gives your messenger a quick response and head straight to business like “Welcome to jenny hairstyle, what do you want us to do for you? We are available to respond to your message, drop a message”
  • Then you can have a normal WhatsApp where you chat with people you know.
  • You can turn off the sim card after WhatsApp verification to avoid calls coming in.

I think the approach is straightforward so you can choose how to do it your way.

is it safe to reply to unknown WhatsApp messages

Of course, the unknown number might be an old friend coming through, not every time you neglect an unknown number, if the person with the unknown number is not cutting off the “hi hi ” message, then be straightforward with the person and ask a simple question “Please who is this, I don’t recognize this number”. the only thing you don’t do is send your location or information about another person to a strange number without knowing the person and what if the person refuses to identify themselves then I think it’s time to avoid the person or block them from sending you messages.

How do you respond to a random text from a guy?

Well, there seems to be the girl’s thing like I said earlier girls get messages from unknown numbers a lot, the only way you can respond to the person since the guy could get your number, sometimes it’s advisable to know where random people get your number from since you are not into any random groups.

You can send back a hi and then make sure you keep your privacy, don’t open up till you know the person, and make sure you are clear with the person before you are positive about yourself.

When a guy sends you a message like “hi“, since he has his profile picture up there, now you know his gender and you can likely guess the age range, if you don’t want to stress yourself, don’t reply, allow the person to tell you why he’s texting you if the person is not giving you any good reason, or he’s just sending you emoji, gif, and picture, if you can ignore it since the message catches your attention a lot, then I think it’s time to get straightforward with the person.

How to avoid unknown messages

If you want to keep avoiding unknown messages from texting you, then you have to do:

  1. Mute the person or mute the notification either
  2. If you don’t the person messaging you at all, then you have to mute the person
  3. If you want the person to text you, and you don’t want to reply, you can throw the person to achieve and remove achieve from the top of your screen on WhatsApp
  4. If you don’t want the person messages on your phone mute their notification and set disappearing message every 24hrs.
  5. If you don’t want their message at all just block them immediately but i won’t go with, i think it sometime best to listen to what some people have to say.

With all these said I think it all depends on you, your approach toward these things. Be straightforward with the person to know the reason he’s on your DM and make sure you don’t abuse the person when he/she has made no clear reason.

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