How to remove emoji from video

How to remove emoji from video? If you find it difficult to remove an emoji from a video, this article was meant for you. Here I’ll show you how you can achieve this with a quick result. You want to remove an emoji from a video you got online, I’ll show you how to do this.

The only problem we face is sometimes trying to remove an emoji from a video. Sometimes, the emoji is hard-coded to the video, making it hard to remove, especially when the emoji is placed at the center of the video, videos from Instagram are really difficult to get rid of.

But if you are lucky and the emoji on the video is placed on a better side of the video, then I think we have a trick to get rid of it.

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How to remove emoji from tikTok video

Unfortunately, I don’t think you can get this done since TikTok group up the effect in one layer making it difficult to remove, this is not just for TikTok there are other social media like IG, the emoji is been hard-coded into the video.

Anyway, there’s nothing that’s not possible, you can still achieve this, before the end of this article you’ll have a full understanding of how you can get rid of an emoji.

How to remove Sticker from video

The techniques am about to show you work for everything including stickers, so continue reading if you also want to remove a sticker from a video.

How do all these work? First, let’s look into the simple steps you can use to get this done. I’ll list and explain to you the 4 steps I used to remove emoji from a video too.

How can I remove emojis from a video and picture?

Note: that for these steps you may need a video/picture editor to do this.

Cropping and zooming in: If the emoji you want to remove is not in a bad placement like the center of the video/picture, you can crop it and make it save the video these also work for small size stickers too. if these will make the video look useless then don’t apply these steps.

Overlay another emoji: if you don’t like the emoji used on the video maybe it’s angry and you want something different on that side like smiley emoji then you can get a smiley and overlay on it perfectly, this also works for stickers too, you can use a different sticker.

Trim and cut: earlier, you may need a video editor for these, and if you don’t have to go to google/apple play store and get one with good reviews. Trimming works if the emoji is applied at beginning of the video or the end any other thing from that will shorten the video.

Splitting video: Splitting the video into multi clips can get rid of the emoji at the center of the video and you can remove the part that contains the video, and you can also apply the trim and cut on the split clip too.

I think these steps are easy and quick if you want to do a simple removal of emoji from a video or picture.

Is there an app that can remove emojis from videos?

Of course, there are good emoji removers you can get online and this software don’t just remove an emoji or sticker it as well remove emojis placed on a terrible side of the video

This is not promising that the app will work on every image so you can try them out and which ones work for you, some emojis are hard-coded to the video.

How to remove emoji from saved video

Check out this app:

  1. Go to play store and check for Emoji remover.
  2. Make sure you check out their reviews to know what you are downloading.
  3. there are softwares like this that run on PCs but most of them you have to pay before you can remove the emoji or sticker.

If you could not remove the emoji from the video, then I suggest you follow these little tricks/steps that work for me sometimes.

If you got the video from a Whatsapp status and you want to get rid of the emoji, there are things you have to check first and that’s

  1. Is the video a TikTok video, if it’s? Pause the video and check the TikTok username hovering around the corner of the video. Go to TikTok search for the user, check the user’s comment to see if there’s anyone asking for the original video without emoji or effects and if the TikTok user is the original owner of the video, you can just check around for the normal video without one.
  2. You can ask a friend by posting the video on social media, i think this one help more since you’re not the first to see the video, others may have a clear version of the video.

Tips for Better Editing Tips

Always remember to save the raw videos as a backup with high quality no matter what type of video you’re making.

If you’re shooting videos on TikTok or Snapchat, save the original video in advance before inserting emojis into it.

I hope this article on How to remove emoji from the video was helpful, and you gain a lot of it? Then make sure you share and comment below.

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