How to protect your Windows 11 PC from virus

How to protect your Windows 11 PC from virus

Back in October 2021, Windows 11 was announced by Microsoft to be the most secure Windows Operating system so far but from the whole look of things, Windows 11 still get attacked by some malware virus and still doesn’t automatically protect you from all threats.

You still need to have a way to protect your PC from attack and I’ll be showing you how to do that. Most people don’t enjoy installing antivirus on their PC because of the prompt during boot while some others feel like having an antivirus installed on your computer makes it too buggy and can be annoying especially when your subscription is almost over and the way it keeps recommending updates.

Well, this is a new age anyway new thing has emerged, you should know that your PC handles things you can’t see and if your PC is your privacy like me, then I think you should start thinking about saving it from threats attacks.

You may ask how can you PC contain virus since you don’t share your PC with anyone, the main reason we look for advanced ways to protect our PC is that sometimes people we don’t know is viruses, they are called cyber attackers since you browse the internet all the time with your PC; you download files and data with your PC from sites, some things you download might contain the virus.

This virus may have nothing to do with your data but it may corrupt your system and those things important to you and also cause the system to slow down so with time you’ll start noticing unusual things happening on your PC.

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With this much said, let’s look into ways you can protect your Windows 11 PC from virus attacks.

Does Windows 11 need virus protection?

Of course, even though Windows 10 and 11 has a built-in antivirus known as windows defender you still need more advanced antivirus to help the inbuilt one, you can’t trust the inbuilt windows defender to protect your PC from all attacks they can only block you from installing third-party application and more. You still need to protect your Pc with advanced tools.

How to check if my windows 11 has virus?

You may not notice until you make use of some useful and advanced antivirus to check out for malware, these antivirus tools are too good and they can fish out any sort of virus, the reason you have to make use of a tool is that you can see the virus you need an advance tool, some virus hides deep down in folders that you don’t even know about and they exploit.

Just know that some viruses will take some time before they manifest and that’s when you notice ‘OH, my computer is misbehaving’.

How can I further improve the security of my Windows 11 PC?

All you need is to install an antivirus, I’ll list out different antivirus, just know that all of them are all good the only difference is their price tag even though they are still some best ones among them, I will list from the top best antivirus.

I’ll be listing out 5 antiviruses and you just have to read about them and chose for yourself but at the end of this article, I’ll tell you the one I prefer most.

  1. BitDefender Antivirus—best antivirus software for Windows 11
  2. Norton Antivirus—solid all-around Windows 11 antivirus
  3. TotalAV Antivirus—all the essentials for Windows 11
  4. Avira Antivirus—beginner-friendly, powerful antivirus
  5. McAfee Total Protection—great for multiple devices

The reason you need this one is that there are things they offer others don’t offer for example:

Efficiency and performance: When choosing an antivirus make sure you choose an antivirus that will not slow down the performance of your PC also you should know that antivirus runs regular background scans and can take up memory and CPU so while choosing to make sure you choose an efficient and lightweight antivirus.

Features: Another one you should be mindful of, after paying for antivirus and all it can give you is just malware check-up then I think you better not pay. antivirus detects spy apps and has parental control tools like Norton so you can monitor your kid while at work, such kind of antivirus with sophisticated features are required.

Customer support and price: A good antivirus is expensive and if it gives me what I want, then I’ll purchase since they have good customer support whenever am facing issues I can easily report to them and get my issues looked into.

There are other personal ways you can stay safe and keep your PC safe too. Let’s look into some practices that can keep your PC safe.

Personal ways to keep your windows 11 safe from malicious attacks

We are funds of clicking every link we see on the web, and it’s not meant to be so, we often put our PC in an unusual condition and avoid using our PC carefully while surfing the internet. If you have to keep your PC safe, then do things:

  • Minimize plugging random external flash drive on your PC
  • You don’t click on every link you see on the web
  • Installing random software can cause harm to your PC
  • Make sure you know and understand how to use your windows defender
  • Avoid giving out your password out.

If a virus already attacked your Windows, and you don’t know what to do?

How do I remove a virus from Windows 11?

First, you need to scan through using your windows defender and find the applications that are behind this and then uninstall them.

If it works, then I think you need to get a more advanced tool like the one I listed above since some of them offer you a free trial version for 7 days you can scan your PC using their free version and make sure you remove the application or software recommended by the antivirus.

If you have tried this but you keep noticing the same issue, then I think you should reset your Pc, It’s not guaranteed that this will work but there’s an 80% chance that you’ll see a difference.

I hope this article was helpful and more straightforward to you check out our recent article below, comment, and share this post if it was helpful.

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