How to know if someone is busy on Google Duo

How to know if someone is busy on Google Duo

Often, when we make use of Google Duo to make a video and the responder, is not picking, we think the person is ignoring our call due to what our intention seems to be; the person we are trying to reach may not be available, or the person is not online.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to know if the person we’re trying to reach is online which seems difficult to know, I came up with a solution, and today I’ll be sharing this information in this article.

Just like WhatsApp or Facebook when you call a user the call will show a sign as if the call is going because of the beep sound unlike a regular call, there’s no way the application will tell you that the user is offline or the device you are trying to reach is unavailable.

Sometimes Google Duo will tell you that the user you’re trying to reach is unavailable, WhatsApp simply you can simply check if the person is online.

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What if the person you’re trying to reach is on video call on another medium like zoom/Skype, is there a way you can know since you’re using google Duo to reach the person? We’ll discuss this here.

How do you know if someone is on Duo?

Google provides you with a way to do that, click on the Circle at the bottom of the screen which says “new contact”. The people who are already on Google Duo will be available there without the invitation button. Whereas the ones who are not on duo will show an invitation button.

What does it mean when someone is unavailable on Google Duo?

Being on available is that the person you’re trying to reach on Google Duo is not on Google Duo, this way all you have to do is check if the person is often on Google Duo and you can achieve this by checking your contact list

When scrolling through your contacts, if any contact often appears on Google Duo, you’ll see a label on the left side of the contact ‘often on Google Duo’.

Sometimes the person you’re trying to reach might be available on Google Duo but was mistakenly blocked, check your block list, or maybe the contact is busy.

How do you know if someone is online on Google Duo?

Unfortunately, Google did not provide anyway we can use to know if a user is online but you can do it manually by calling the person you meet on Google Duo and asking him/her to come up on google Duo if the person responds positively like OK, then the person is on Google duo and you can meet the person there.

Apart from these, the only way you can use to achieve this is to check your contact list to see how often the person shows up on the Google duo.

How can I check Duo last seen?

You can check google Duo to know when last the person came upon and with these you can know if you should call or not. Let me give you a clear scenario on this.

So you decided to meet your girlfriend on Google Duo after sending her a message to come up online but after 30mins she’s not yet up. You can check her last seen and see the last time she showed, if the time there is close to the time you check, that means she’s online but she’s not picking up your call or maybe she’s busy with someone else.

What is the difference between sent and delivered on Google Duo?

Since the person you’re trying to reach is not picking, then you can send the person a message but how do you know if the person you sent the message to received it.

When you send a message, google Duo tries to give you useful feedback about the message you sent and how does that works? Google Duo has two statuses for sent messages, a sent message will show SENT while a seen message as Delivered, just like the regular way WhatsApp works with the tick and double tick.

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How to know if someone is busy on Google Duo

If someone tries to call you when you are on Duo and you try to pick it Duo will close which means your call will be disconnected from the duo but if someone tries to call you while you are on call with another person on Duo, Google Duo will tell the person who you’re unavailable at the moment.

What if you missed a Call on Google Duo, you can easily go to your history and check for missed calls

Another thing you should know is that once someone on Google Duo blocks you, you can no longer reach the person, you’ll get a response like unavailable.

If you find any of these steps hard, let me know in the comment section below. Hope the article was helpful in any way, share, and comment. Let others know if there are other ways people can know when someone is busy on Google Duo.

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