How do I pay with Venmo on iPhone?

How do I pay with Venmo on iPhone?

With your iPhone, making a payment with the Venmo app is made easy, go to the apple store application on your device and download the Venmo app. How do you make payment with Venmo facing no issues and having complaints? In my last article, I posted how I know if my Venmo payment went through. If you are just using the Venmo application and you have zero experience on how to go about it. First, I’ll say the Venmo app is safe, as long as you make a confirmed transaction.

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With the Venmo application you can choose to pay multiple bills and also charge, this makes it easy to pay off all your debt and also make savings, but while making payments make sure you confirm identities because any money you send to a friend can’t be refunded so if you send money to the wrong person, you can’t cancel the payments unless you send the funds using iMessage but if the receipt accepts the payment, you can’t have access to the funds.

Let’s see how you can make a normal payment using Venmo, just know that you can make payments using your credit card, and also Venmo balance if you have access. You can also transfer funds to your local bank account which takes 3 business days, but you can make it easy and fast if you use the instant transfer method which will only charge you more.

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How do I pay with Venmo on iPhone?

If you want to know more about Venmo balance and Venmo account make sure you check out the above link. Once you have the Venmo application installed on your device, make sure you also add your email, because you can also send a friend your email address to transfer funds.

While sending funds make sure you have the right person’s email, or phone number, Venmo won’t reverse any funds sent to an existing verified Venmo account, this way when you send money to a scammer, you have just lost it. But what if you make duplicate payments to your friend? Well, you just have to request for refund and they will send back the cash to you.

If you send money to a user who is not on Venmo, you can cancel the payment and get back your money or just tell the friend to download the Venmo application to receive the money you sent to them. You can’t cancel a payment sent over to an existing account.

How do you send money through iMessage?

Using your iPhone, you can send funds to friends from iMessage, the one thing that cools about sending money through iMessage is that you can still cancel payments after they are made, but if the person accepts the payment before you cancel it then you can’t access the funds anymore, you can only request for chargeback. If the person doesn’t accept the money before 3 business days, you’ll get your money back.

How do you send funds to a Venmo user using iMessage?

  • Open a conversation in Messages with the friend you’d like to pay or charge.
  • Tap on the icon beside the input field and select the app store to see the site connected to iMessage
  • Search and choose the Venmo application
  • Skip the tutorial and accept terms and conditions for first-time users and choose “Request” or “Pay”
  • Just like sending with the app, type in your amount and note, then tap Pay or Request
  • Money leaves your account the moment you send payment. However, the recipient needs to accept the payment before the money is added to their Venmo account.
  • Tap the send arrow, to send off some funds, once they receive the message they will accept your payment.

If your friend does not accept within 3 days, the funds will be reversed back to the funding source that you used to send the payment.

What happens if you cancel iMessage payment?

A payment sent in iMessage will expire and be automatically canceled if the recipient doesn’t accept the payment within three days. A payment sent in iMessage cannot be canceled once the recipient has accepted it.

If you sent the funds using your Venmo balance, they will return there the funds the moment your payment is canceled. If you use a bank account to fund the payment, please note that it will take 3 to 5 business days for the funds to be returned. If a credit or debit card funded the payment, the payment will be returned to that card. It may take up to thirty (30) days for the returned payment to be applied by your card issuer.

How do I make payment on Venmo using Siri?

You can also make payments using Siri, and this is how you do it. Note that Siri can’t make payments to multiple people, but if you want to send it to a friend;

  1. Hold down the home button to activate Siri or say “Hello Siri” if enabled
  2. Ask Siri to send the payment or request using the following format: “Pay/Request [name of friend] [amount] dollars for [payment note]”  Ex. Hey Siri, pay Mary 5 dollars for coffee.
  3. Siri will show you an overview of your payment and ask if you would want to make a payment, you can say “Yes” and you will see a confirmation. If “No”, Siri will discard the payment or request.

Payments sent using Siri and iMessage work just like payments in the Venmo app. The funds are made available to your friend as soon as you confirm the payment, and you’ll be able to see the payment in your feed the next time you open the Venmo app.

Hope this article was helpful, check out more article on, you can now send funds to friends easily, also make sure you don’t send money to wrong person.

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