How to fix overheating laptop without taking it apart

How to fix overheating laptop without taking it apartHow to fix overheating laptop without taking it apart

Today we’re going to look at How to fix overheating laptops, and you may have no experience with laptops especially with fixing the problem, don’t worry this article will be quite self-explanatory, all you have to do is read and follow up with the instruction. But before we dive into the whole practical part of things, let us understand what happens when a computer overheats. Overheating on your computer might result from so many issues and if you don’t act fast and make sure you fix it, you may wake up one morning and try booting your laptop like other days and it may end up disappointing you.

Why does my laptop overheat so easily?

When your computer overheats, there are so many issues attached to it, you just have to troubleshoot to know the specific issue, and I think you may need a computer technician to do that for you. I won’t advise you to disassemble your laptop, if you don’t have any experience, you may damage some important part of the computer.

If your laptop is overheating, you have to first know what time the overheating is taking place, sometime your laptop may not be compatible with some software especially when your laptop is handling a load heavier than it, once the laptop handles big or heavy things, the processor gets too hot at that process and may cause the processor fan too much work and that is where you hear a loud noise coming from the vent causing the body of your laptop hot. Sometimes your laptop may freeze, and you may at that point lose unsaved files. Let me give you an example.

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Let me say, one day I launched the android studio/PHP storm application for the first time after installing the application, hoping it runs smoothly and then it just freeze up and the cursor was not moving and the laptop steams then I was left with no option than to force shut the laptop. This is bad because at that process your computer is trying to handle a lot of things and at that process, you just force shut your computer. This may cause your hard disk to crash and may be damaged.

In your case, it may not be the same software I opened on my laptop but might be something different. What if before the laptop start the computer heats? or maybe while doing your regular thing with your laptop and suddenly it hangs or just freeze up just like my old laptop and then you just have to remove the AC battery or hold down the power button till it just off.

Since we have seen common cases and your own is something similar, also note that your computer can still heat even without booting it, this is because the battery is faulty or maybe the battery terminal but these can only be the battery in these cases, you need to change your battery, because you may get disappointed.

What gets damaged when laptop overheats?

What if you ignore it because you feel like it is the normal way it and you can go on with it, I’ll tell you the damages these can cause.

  1. The processor will get damage
  2. The processor fan may get faulty
  3. over lagging and freezing
  4. automatic shutdown
  5. hard disk may crash, which means soon you may lose all your important folders

Another one this can cause you is heartbreak and frustration. Of course, you can’t tell me you are putting up a project on MS word and you have not saved your work, after putting up a creative article, and then suddenly your computer just freezes and you are left with no hope than just force shut it down and start all over.

There is the reason you need to read these articles and gain knowledge on how you can fix it, fortunately for you, yours may just be simple and then the work is done. Let’s see other issues that can cause these.

Dust: Note, when I talked about the automatic shutdown and your processor fan making a noisy sound like a flying drone, yes, your laptop vent space may contain accumulated specks of dust and these will cause you so many issues to your laptop such as; Drying up thermal paste, frying the top of your processor. Your computer may shut down before even loading up the login screen, when you experience this, make sure you act fast. You can as well prevent these by cleaning up the dust in the vent.

How to fix overheating laptop without taking it apart

Removing dust from vent: If you observe dust is in your fan vent, then you have to find a way, maybe removing the battery and if possible for you, you can open the back o the laptop, then you can use a blower, and blow of the dust, sometimes these dust may be too thick that you just have removed the heat sink and then the fan, so you can properly clean up the vent side.

Heavy load application: Do you know why your computer heat most time? This is because when your processor handling something heavier than it or so much request faster than your processor can handle then it heats while delivering the jobs, but the processor needs a way of pushing out the heat and that’s where the heat sink and processor fan comes into play, and the heat sink is like an absorber, it will absorb the heat coming from the processor and take fresh air to the processor. But when there is too much to handle the computer delivers very slow and sometimes if the computer is weak it may freeze and it’s so annoying. All you have to do is remove the application from the computer.

Damaged RAM: the RAM in your computer will help to speed up thing, the ram is like a cache where temporary stuff is being stored, sometimes they get weak and makes the computer very slow, why other times do you just need to upgrade your ram. You need a computer engineer or someone who specializes in that.

Too much application: If your computer handles so many files and applications, you’ll start experiencing lag and overheat, especially for a computer with low processor speed, sometimes it is best to back up your files and then format your computer, these will also help improve the situation and making space in your disk as well as removing virus in some application.

Check the battery: The battery may have faults and after charging your computer and keeping it, when you come back to use it, you’ll find out that the computer is hot and the battery percent is low than the way it was, these can cause overheating in the computer. You can change the battery or remove it whenever you’re done.

Thermal Paste: But what if after opening the fan vent and there is no thick dust to cause many blockages? Check your processor. This can be very hard because you may need someone who knows the way around opening the computer system. If you can open it then, open the back of your computer, or you can check that on YouTube, but I will advise you not to do that. Once you open the back, loose out the heat sink then gently remove the fan, under the heat sink there is a paste on the top processor and if you check that, and it is already dried up make sure you get a thermal paste from a computer store and apply a little on top of it, make sure you add little of it.

Hope the article was interesting and also helpful, make sure you drop your comment below if you are finding it difficult to fix yours

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