{Fix} Netflix error code nw-2-5

Netflix error code nw-2-5

We often encounter the Netflix error code nw-25 whenever we have network connectivity issues on your device, and you might be wondering where is this issue is rising from? This error gets annoying and won’t you stream any content on Netflix. Let’s cut the chase, Without no further explanation, I’ll be showing you how you can resolve this issue.

Why isn’t my Netflix working on my smart TV?

If you are having this same problem on your smart TV or you cannot connect to your Netflix account, first, turn off your smart TV by unplugging it directly from the socket, also you have to disconnect the network service if you are using a router or any wireless network device make sure you disconnect or remove it from the power source at least for 30second. Plug back your modem and wait until no new indicator lights are blinking on.

If you see this error, you should simply know that your network issue is stopping your device from reaching Netflix. This can be on any of your devices such as a Blu-ray player, PlayStation 3,4,5, Roku, Smart TV, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. If you are finding difficulties with your smart TV, let’s see other solutions that can help.

  1. Check your Network connection: The problem might come from your network connection, check your cellular network and know if your network is slower than the recommended speed. Connections like mobile hotspots, cellular, or satellite networks might be too slow to use Netflix.
  2. Restart Your Device: Your device or network may encounter some glitches, restart your device to fix and restart the network, also turn off your network connection, and turn it back on.
  3. Boost your Network signal: check your router position, if the connection is bad, you may need to change the position and avoid keeping the router in a low area, you can place your router in a place 6feet high above the floor for more strong network connection.

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Why is Netflix not working on my PS5?

If you have these same issues on PS 3, 4, and 5. All you need to do is to set up the correct configurations or check whether the internet connection is stable. We will tell you all the ways to fix this issue. 

Check your network on Netflix – Check if your network can access your Netflix account and stream content, which usually happens if you are using a public network. There is a high chance of getting the nw-2-5 error code, if you are using your mobile hotspot, they often have slower internet speeds than cable internet or DSL.

Check your Internet Connection – Always test your network speed to know where the issue is coming from you can visit fast.com, which is powered by Netflix to know where the issue is coming from. you need a fast network connection to open stream Netflix, if you are unable to get a better network connection then you have to check your network on other application and services.

Let’s see other approaches you can do to clear the nw-2-5 error code:

Restart your PlayStation – 

  • Unplug your PlayStation from power for a minute.
  • Press the power button on the console to discharge it.
  • plug back your PlayStation and turn on the power button.
  • Try to resume Netflix.

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Connect your PlayStation directly to your Modem – Try bypassing the router that will help you diagnose the problem if it is a router issue or wireless connectivity trouble. Try to turn off your gaming console in the first place and plug your PlayStation device directly with the modem via Ethernet cable. Unplug your modem and resume after a minute and wait until all the indicator lights start blinking again. Switch on your PS3 or PS4 now and connect Netflix to stream. 

  • If your streaming resumes– This means you have successfully bypassed your router and successfully synced your Netflix with the modem. Chances are that your router is the source of the glitch. Bypassing your router would get you the streaming back but this is the permanent solution. Here, you need to contact your service provider to reset or reconfigure your router settings. 
  • If you’re still unable to stream – You have to contact your wireless connectivity manufacturer to make sure that your modem and the internet service fall in line.

Improve your Wi-Fi Signal – If you are still getting trouble and the screen still shows Netflix error code NW-2-5, try the following to improve your wireless connectivity:

  • Try to move the router to a new location and the chances are you may get good internet reception.
  • Keep any wireless devices such as Bluetooth speakers, wireless headsets, smartphones, and other wireless devices at a distance from a router. Infrared and Wireless interference may affect the router connectivity when you try to connect over Wi-Fi. 
  • Try to elevate your router to a certain height. If possible, try to hang the router like a wall clock or try to keep at the top cabinet or upper shelf in your room

Verify your DNS Settings – 

  • Go to Menu of the PlayStation 3 or 4 and choose Settings.
  • Once you reach Settings, choose Network Settings and then Internet Connection Settings.
  • Select Custom and choose the Wireless connectivity option.
  • Go to WLAN Settings to access IP Address Setting. Here you can view your SSID, Security Setting and Password will populate. Under the WLAN section, select Enter Manually.
  • In the WLAN Settings, choose an Auto Detect option for Operation mode.
  • Once you get the Auto to detect, navigate to IP Address Setting, and select Automatic.
  • In the Automatic Settings, go to DHCP hostname and select Do Not Set.
  • Now go to DNS Settings and choose the Automatic option.
  • After that, go to MTU Setting, and choose the Automatic option again.
  • Once you choose Automatic in the MTU and DNS Settings, go to Proxy Server Settings and choose Do Not Use.
  • In the Proxy Server Settings now click UPNP to choose Enable.
  • Click the X button to save your preference.
  • Once this Setting is done, go back to Menu and choose Test Connection. Wait for the Test Connection to turn Positive, relaunch Netflix to stream.

Restart your Home Network– Unplug your PlayStation and home network devices for 30 seconds before switching each device one by one.

  • Turn off and unplug your PS3 or PS4 device.
  • Unplug your Wi-Fi router while turning it off for 30 seconds.
  • plug back your modem again and wait for the indicator lights on the device to blink again. 
  • Try to turn on the PlayStation device and connect to Netflix again.

If everything above fails – Try to approach your internet service provider. They could help resolve the network connectivity issues by identifying if the router was set up correctly with other devices on your home network.

Why Netflix is not working on my wifi?

If you have tried to use Netflix on wifi, on your mobile device or on your smart Tv and you find it difficult, Turn the app or service off and try Netflix again. Reset the network settings on the device with the issue. Restore your modem or router to your internet provider’s default settings. Restarting your PC help a lot in resolving the issue.

Don’t clear your cache as these won’t resolve the issue, rather you’ll lose all your downloaded contents

I hope these whole solutions you’re facing, just know that the issue is not coming from any of your gadgets, it is network issues, with these whole steps you can tackle the problem properly. If you’re facing any other issues, make sure you comment below, let’s know the issue you are facing.

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