How to Change Online ID on PS4 for Free second time

Change Online ID on PS4 for Free second time

Today I’m going to show you how to change online ID, gamer tags, or name on PS4 for free, so if you’re finding this difficult to achieve, sit back as I explain to you how you can go about this without browsing the entire page on the web.

Even though Sony has provided the ability to change your ID, there are some restrictions applied and I’ll also talk about this as we proceed. You should also know that the change may not work on all the games.

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How many times can you change your online ID on PS4 for free?

You can change your online ID on PS4 as much as possible but If you’ve changed your PSN name before, and you wish to do it again I’ll take you through the process, unfortunately, it seems like if you’re changing more than once you have to pay some nominal fee of $4.99 this is for only those on PlayStation plus others will be paying $9.99. So you should do it the first time and make it right.

To avoid paying the second time for changing your PSN name, make sure you choose a suitable username and if you have no clue on which name to use, then I’ll give you a list of suitable names you can use.

Preferable: use your Nickname, it looks more unique if you have a good nickname but if you don’t want to use your nickname, then check these below:

What are good Ps4 Username?

  • Icebreaker.
  • Young Bull.
  • Blinking Eyes.
  • Cute Potato.
  • Alpha Returns.
  • Drunk to Win.
  • Black Belt.
  • Bearded Angel.
  • Poker rush
  • Wicked soul
  • Reckless sin
  • Pretty demon

You can still comment below if you wish to have more usernames like these.

What happens if i change my online id on ps4

You are not expecting the change so early, the update takes time you just have to be patient, it may take up to a week and some days, the reason behind this is that your application and service will take time to update your new ID.

There are some things you need to know as we talked about earlier you have to know them so won’t end up causing annoying errors on your PS4.

  • it may take some time for games, applications and services to update to your new online ID. Sometimes it can take up to a week for the change to register.
  • PS4 games may experience issues after an online ID change.
  • If your new online ID violates our Terms of Service, they will change it to temp-xxxxx. You can change it to a new online ID using the steps below.
  • PS3, PS Vita and PS/TV games and apps do not support the online ID change feature.
  • Online IDs can’t be changed for child accounts. 

*Some games which have no known issues identified on the list may still experience issues if you change your online ID.

How do I change my child’s online ID on PS4

If you find difficulties here, that means the account you are trying to change is in the child’s account and Online IDs can’t be changed for the child account unless you want to remove the account from the family.

How to change your PSN online ID 

Web browser: change the online ID

  1. Sign in to Account Management and select PSN Profile from the sidebar. 
  2. Select Edit next to your current online ID. 
  3. Enter a new online ID and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the change. 
  4. After you complete the change process, you’re signed out of all devices.

On PS4 console:

  1. Go to settings on your PS4
  2. Select Account Management, then Account Information.
  3. Choose Profile
  4.  Finally, click Online ID.
  5. Enter a new username and follow the instructions to complete the change. You’ll need to click I accept to acknowledge the risks involved in changing your PSN name.

On PS5 Console:

  1. On your PS5, select Settings.
  2.  Select Users and Accounts, then account.
  3. Choose Profile
  4. Finally, click Online ID.
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