Can someone track your location through a link?

Can someone track your location through a link

Can someone track your location through a link? Yes, and you can also track someone’s location through a link, just a link. Today I’ll be showing you how you can track someone’s location through a link. Before then, let’s talk about how IP tracking links work.

How do I send a tracking link?

In order to discover a person’s location, you can actually create a link which you’ll send to the person, once the person clicks on the link their IP address will be revealed even though they are masking their true location using a VPN. The way this work is very simple since every device has a unique IP address. You can use their IP address to track their location on Google map or use some good site on the web to get rid of their location this is important when you’re having a conversation with someone online who happens to be a scammer, you can find the truth about his location by tracking them. If you have to do this, make sure you find a strategy so that the person won’t know you are trying to track their location.

How do you get the link you are sending to them, and how do you even mask the link with a tracker in it? For today’s article, we will use a website for this, This may have limitations, of course, it does, especially when you are trying to get a scammer’s location, most scammers out there make use of VPN to hide their location, but that’s not a problem, if someone is using a VPN on their device, and you don’t know them before, start having that mindset that the person might be a scammer. Let’s say the person told you initially that his/her current location was somewhere in China and after tracking their location it gives you something different, just know that the person is truly a scammer. VPN will give you a different location and even though it gives you china today, check next time to see if the location corresponds and if the person has no VPN on, you’ll see the true location of the person, some scammers have low IQ.

Dating a random guy on social media is fine but risky as well, you have never met him before which means anything can happen, if you guys are just starting you can track them to know their true location and the way you’re that is quite simple, make sure it looks genuine and original. you might want to send a photo. Once you’re ready to send a file, you’ll need to wrap that normal link with an IP tracking service.

Can someone track your location through a link?

There are so many websites that provide these, and you can google the term “trackable links” to see a website that offers this for free for this article we will be one called IPlogger, IPLogger is friendly and easy to use, this article will guide you through the whole process, you can also use any link online, but we’re trying to make it look unique, you can get a nice picture of you that the person has not liked or some unuseful document link, there are so many ways you can send a link to the person, but for this article, we will be uploading an image to the cloud, you can use whichever one you want like Dropbox or Google Drive.

You can create a “throwaway” account once you have uploaded the image make sure you copy the shareable link. In Google Drive, you can right-click on the file and choose “shareable link.” In Dropbox, hover your mouse over the file and select share. If you are on Google Drive, you can upload by simply dragging your preferred picture to the Dropbox, and it will upload automatically, after uploading, click on the preview link to open the image as a modal like this.


Once you open in another tab, you can copy the link from the address bar, but for now the link is useless, since it cannot serve it purpose you mask it with a trackable link and for these we will use the ipLogger website, go to the website and paste the copied URL into the “URL and Image Shortener”


The next image below gives you information about IPlogger, copy Your IPLogger link for collecting statistics, which appears in green color, the problem there is that you can send the suspected scammer the link, we have to shorten the link using URL shortener, unfortunately, most URL shortener service don’t permit IPLogger, the only way we can bypass this is by changing the domain name and the next image below explains just that.


Since most URL shortener don’t accept the IPLogger, decided to test which one works most, and we found out that we can use on URL shortener service like Create an account on and then paste the copied link.

Head over to, after creating an account click on create to add link which you copied earlier from IPLogger, during this process make sure you don’t close the tab if you don’t have an account with IPLogger. Paste your tracking link into the “Paste long URL” box and click the “Create” button.

Now you can send the Link to the potential scammer, send the link, you can monitor the location once the suspected scammer clicks on the link it will reveal the whole history, click on the other tab “Summary data view” to view the location.

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